ASEP unterstützt kanadisches Start-up

Denby Royal, Branding and Partnership Lead at Your Arbor, inc. stated after the successful month in Vienna:

„We had originally planned to stay in Vienna for only one month, but after such a fruitful series of events, meetings, and connections – especially with the practical insights gained from ASEP members Michael Klemen and Nikolaus Hartig – we extended our stay by another month. This fortunate change of plans also helped push Vienna to the top of our list for our future European headquarters. We look forward to working with ASEP again when we are established in the DACH region.“

Asep is proud to support growing companies like your abor inc especially as sustainability grows constantly in importance says Michael klemen – Nikolaus Hartig adds: Austria is at the heart of supporting startups and senior expertise can open doors so we see this as a growing field of opportunities 

Denby Royal war auf Einladung der Wirtschaftsagentur in Wien.


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