How everyone in the company can benefit from their older employees.

The generational advantage is obvious

Older employees can be of enormous benefit to any company. Whether long-standing customer relationships, useful networks, practical experience, social skills, the list of assets is long. Even more so as the baby boomer generation approaches retirement and a gap opens in qualified, committed workers. Keeping employees in the company longer pays off.

An initiative of the European Union

The European Union, through its Erasmus+ funded program, has developed a project with practical concepts and concrete measures on how companies can support and efficiently retain older workers. This program is currently running in 5 European countries. ASEP – AUSTRIAN SENIOR EXPERTS POOL has been commissioned with the implementation for Austria.

Successful generation management in the company

We invite you as an innovative company to participate in this project. The program is funded by the EU, so your participation is free of charge. Experienced consultants from AUSTRIAN SENIOR EXPERTS accompany the project.

Aims of the programme

  • Identify age-sensitive work processes and workplaces and optimise them for all participants
  • Encourage internal learning
  • Identify and utilize the competences of employees
  • Organise knowledge transfer
  • Bringing generations together
  • Organise learning from each other

Your advantages

  • Avoidance of staff gaps due to early departures
  • Knowledge and know-how stay longer in the company and is passed on in time
  • Increased attractiveness as an employer
  • Increased efficiency in the company
  • Low fluctuation costs
  • Free participation in topic-related webinars
  • Free participation in international conferences

Benefits of the company

  • 6 – 12 employees from different company divisions or age groups for the project team
  • Approx. 1 hour per week time commitment and 4 hours per quarter for workshops
  • Nomination of a project leader
  • Commitment of the management

The project procedure

This pilot project is designed for a duration of 12 months and will be individually adapted to the needs of the company. In the final documentation, all findings are summarised in detail so that even non-participants can understand the process at any time and learn from it for their own applications.

All generations in the company learn from each other, grow together and celebrate successes together.


Austrian Senior Experts Pool
Dr. Brigitta Schwarzer, MBA – Project Manager
+43 (664) 8121058

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