Many business ideas start small.

It doesn’t always take big venture capital, often a small investment is enough to fulfill the dream of self-employment. But what happens if your own capital is still not enough? If no collateral is available and a classic bank loan represents an insurmountable hurdle. The MIKROKREDIT® was created for such situations.

Whether as a founder with a business idea to start, whether as an established entrepreneur to invest in new equipment or services, or whether a company takeover is the desire, the MIKROKREDIT® offers a simple and unbureaucratic alternative.

The maximum loan amount for your business idea is 15,000 euros.


Experts from ÖSB Consulting and ASEP AUSTRIAN SENIOR EXPERTS provide free advice on the application process, check and evaluate the business idea and help with the preparation of the business concept. Even after the loan has been granted, ASEP AUSTRIAN SENIOR EXPERTS accompany the borrowers free of charge with their expertise.

The MIKROKREDIT® is sponsored by the Ministry of Labour, granted by ERSTE BANK and implemented by ÖSB and ASEP AUSTRIAN SENIOR EXPERTS.

Who can apply for a MIKROKREDIT?

  • Business founders
  • Small entrepreneurs with few customers
  • Entrepreneurs who want to invest in the continuation of their business
  • Unemployed, or threatened with unemployment
  • People affected by poverty or at risk of poverty
  • Atypically employed or disadvantaged in the labor market

To prepare an application for a MIKROKREDIT®, contact our partner ÖSB Consulting:
Phone: 0800-800 807